In the Face of Hardship, Greatness Can Be Found

“In the Face of Hardship, Greatness can be Found”

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The greatness of that true friend who sticks with you even when you wouldn’t stick with yourself.  When life seems overwhelmingly impossible and you have nothing left to give, you turn and look…  and there they are!  The greatness of a milestone that seems so small and insignificant to anyone looking on, but one which you recognize to be just as monumental as climbing that mountain, because basically that’s what you just did!  The greatness of God in teaching you how to love the unlovable and to see what He sees. You see the one behind the mask that remains hidden to all but those who faithfully and truly seek to see the gem that is hidden there.  The greatness of hitting rock bottom and realizing that your still here and still breathing.  Time hasn’t stopped after all and you pick yourself up and find you can go just a little bit farther.  The greatness of finally finding the answers after you have searched for so long and so hard and now, there it is staring back at you… relief in now knowing what to do next.  The greatness in realizing that what you thought was a curse, turns out to be extraordinary and you couldn’t imagine life any other way!!

Greatness can be found in the most difficult of journeys.  So as the new year approaches and we talk about goals and reaching for a brighter future…. If you find yourself in the midst of great difficulties and sadness or frustration seem to be all around, don’t give up!  Keep fighting the good fight and you will see your own moments of greatness.  Little treasures of moments that are built just for you and arrive on golden wings of time at the very moment you need it most!  You are here, you are amazing, and you can do it!!!


2 Replies to “In the Face of Hardship, Greatness Can Be Found”

  1. Seems in the midst of conflict and trial it is difficult to see too far. It is encouraging to get supportive words while navigating difficulty. Thank you for your wisdom through experience to keep moving forward.


  2. I remember Elder Bednar talking about God’s tender mercies. I loved that talk. How often do we find that those miracles, the light at the end of the tunnel, and those seemingly small victories mean the world to us. They come at a time when they are needed most because we have a Heavenly Father who knows us best. Sometimes our part is to give it our all and to simply trust in Him. Easier said then done! Thanks for the thoughts Mary!


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