Family Photo’s

“Family Photo’s”

One of these pictures is not like the other…. let me explain.  We try to take family pictures each year.  That is a common occurrence in households across the world right? Well, this year, Cameron decided that enough is enough!  We had several “heated” discussions about why in the world anyone would want to hang pretend or staged pictures in there house.  “Wouldn’t you much rather have a real picture of your kids doing real things?  I would never wear these clothes and stand by a tree while smiling randomly. This makes no sense!” On and on these conversations went.  I tried to take the compromise route where we could take both kinds of pictures and each have what we want.  I tried pulling the mom card and asked him to just do this silly thing for me.  I tried begging, bribing, and demanding but each attempt was met with the same response…… “This is pretend. Why do you want a pretend picture”

It became clear that this was an argument that I was not going to win.  I had to take a step back and decide of this was a battle worth fighting knowing that it would bring contention and frustration over something simple like family pictures.  As much as I wanted all of my kids to have those silly staged pictures, I recognized that this was not worth the fight and was obviously important to him.  I have tried really hard to honor things that are important to him even though I usually don’t understand.  So, at the end of the day, I have decided that it is more important to me to have pictures of my kids on my wall and to have good relationships then it is to have the perfect pictures but damaged relationships.  The moral to this story….. don’t fight the battles that aren’t worth fighting! This is the picture he chose, which is staged but real. And I’ve decided that the picture really isn’t that bad. IMG_7690

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