He/She Won’t Take a Shower!

I normally don’t post about products but once you see what it is, you will totally know why it grabbed my attention. Personal Hygiene tends to be an ongoing challenge for spectrum kids (and some non spectrum kids) due to the sensory overload, lack of muscle control, etc. So when I saw this, I thought man what I wouldn’t give to have had that product in my home about 10 years ago!!! Can you hear the hallelujah chorus singing??

It is called Mother Dirt… yes dirt! Very fitting don’t you think? And it is all about putting natural enzymes back on your skin that eat up the stink. Yes, it actually eats up the stink causing bacteria that modern personal hygiene products have killed off. And the best part is that it is a spray. YES!! Now most of us would much prefer a nice smelling bar of soap and our citrus mint scented shampoo but for those who simply can’t tolerate bathing every day… Maybe this is worth a try.

I haven’t used the product but saw it on another autism site. And I am not making money off of my little post. But if there is anything to help struggling moms get their kids all clean then I am ALL FOR IT!!!

Mother Dirt Probiotic Spray

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Skin Probiotic Spray, Preservative-Free, 3.4 fl oz

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