A Couple of Fabulous Books!

I’m always looking for great books on the subject that has affected me so greatly… Autism. Check out these two books from author Karen Pellett. She adds some spunk to a sometimes difficult topic and invites into see it all.  Raising three children on the spectrum, she is familiar with the ups and downs that parents face.  Check it out!!

Life as a Spectrum Mom: The Ups, Downs, and Up-Side Downs of Parenting Autistic Kids.

“From candy explosions and safety spaces to patience pills and mattress slides, Autism turns normal on its head and stomps on it for good measure. For this family and their three autistic children, life is chaotic but glorious. Experience everyday life from the perspective of a spectrum mom and defy the label as only an exceptional family can.”

Spectrum Parent’s Survival Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Navigating Through Autism

“When your child is diagnosed with autism, life feels tossed upside down. Everything from understanding meltdowns to adventuring outdoors can seem overwhelming. Learn strategies from one quirky spectrum mom and her friends that will help you survive raising autistic kids and enjoy the journey along the way.”

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