You’ve Received a Diagnosis, Now What?

You’ve Received a Diagnosis, Now What?

For so long you have waited to know exactly what is going on with your child.  You have endured the uneasy years of wondering if.  You have patiently followed up on all of your doctors appointments and the myriad of testing.  And now you sit staring at the paper that confirms your fears…. Your child has autism.  Where do you even start? Who do you talk to first? While these thoughts loop through your mind, you also wonder how in the world are you going to get through this?  How do you even begin to process the knowledge that your child has a disorder that isn’t curable??

Take a deep breath…. and take heart! You have joined a big family that is more than willing to help each other.  We look out for one another and the good news is that support has come a long way! Autism Speaks is one of those amazing resources and they now have an online “100 Day Kit” for newly diagnosed families of young children. It is totally free and will walk you through step by step, the first 100 days as well as offer some other really great helps! They talk to you about services, useful terms to know, talk about treatments etc.  This is a great place to start!

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